Sunshine Easter Bunny trinket box from Greeting Card Joy

Jaimee Canty, Greeting Card Joy owner/greeting card artist

#Easterbunny #Easterbasket #Easterplushie #Handmadetrinket box #handmade

This is a handmade Easter bunny trinket box by Jaimee Canty, owner of Greeting Card Joy. Click to order on Etsy:

Introducing the new handmade trinket box from Greeting Card Joy. This little yellow Easter bunny is a lovely shade of bright, sunny yellow, and it’s the perfect gift for that special person in your life. It’s painted a lovely bluish-green color and it could be used to hold jewelry, or other small items of your choosing. Miniature flowers, little plastic donuts, and little butterflies add to the decorative feel, and this box is painted with a glossy-glittered paint that makes it sparkle! It’s one of many lovely items available from Greeting Card Joy,!

You can also find other handmade centerpieces, 3D greeting cards, and plush toy gifts on GreetingCardJoy on Etsy. Just click on this link:

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